Devi Tosslebang


50 years old

Speed: 25
Darkvision: Yes (standard)
Size: Small
Saves: STR/CON

Halfling Fighter (Archer)
Background: Sailor


Personality Traits:My friends know they can rely on me, no matter what. I work hard so that I can play hard when the work is done.

Ideals: Fairness. We all do the work, so we all share in the rewards. (Lawful)

Bonds: I’ll always remember my first ship.

Flaws: Once someone questions my courage, I never back down no matter how dangerous the situation.

Devi has always had a desire to explore – the wanderlust is hereditary of course. Both of her parents explored far and wide and Devi grew up hearing stories and admiring their treasures. Once Devi was of an age to strike out on her own adventure, she chose to work on a merchant ship transporting precious goods to ports in distant lands. She has got an eye for precious goods and may try to buy/bargain/trade if she sees something she would like to add to her growing collection. She honed her archery skills fighting off pirates and earned her gritty, fun-loving attitude from her shipmates. She loves to play games (even more fun with wagers!) and hear adventuring stories from companions and strangers alike. She is fiercely loyal to her crew and expects the same from them. She is adjusting to life back on land after crewing for the merchant ship for many years. It was a lonely life at times and Devi is looking to meet new friends and expand her relationships at every port.

Devi’s parents have retired from adventuring. They live comfortably at home; a small halfling village by the sea. (I’ll let you decide where this might fit into your world. I’m thinking it’s a small, warm coastal town that manages the docks for imports and exports of various goods. Mostly likely smaller boats with small loads but there is a dock for large ships.)
They are rather old for halflings at this point but still remain active within their community. Both of her parents oversee some of the smaller shipments of goods coming into the community. They are friends with everyone and everyone is friends with them. You can frequently find them fishing off the beach or hosting parties (Hobbit birthday style).

On a side note, Devi does not have any siblings. She has never had pets but has a great respect for wild animals and had earned the trust of some sea gulls on her ship at one point.

The name of the ship was The Kraken. Devi’s wanderlust made her decide to leave her ship. She has convinced herself that it won’t be forever and it’s only so she can expand her network of friends/business owners/adventurers/collectors/etc. beyond each port of call. She hopes to learn more languages, collect rare treasures and encounter monsters she’s only heard stories about. She is fascinated with hearing stories from other adventures and locals alike – she is particularly excited if she meets someone of a race she has never encountered before. While she wants to get all this world exploring under her belt, she knows it’s not all fun and games; no rest until the job is done!

Devi is not a stranger to having fun though, long journeys with the same crew on a ship has made her appreciate the little things. She loves to drink ale, play cards/dice games, arm wrestle (She may challenge people to arm wrestle because she knows it’s ridiculous. This is her sense of humor) and will occasionally gamble/bet/wager for fun.

Her ship and shipmates went onto continue their usual trade routes – her shipmates are not as interested in exploring land as they are exploring the sea. After she left, she has had no contact with them but will note the days and generally know which port of call they may be docked at. The ship tends to dock at the same ports at similar times of the year.

Knowing all of the above about Devi; she is still fairly new to her lifestyle of adventuring on land but is thoroughly enjoying it.

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Devi Tosslebang

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