Episode 13

The party readied themselves for whatever was behind the door ahead.

Nameless picked the two locks and pushed the doors just open enough to see through.

Inside stood a large, fat figure in front of a bluish stone with glowing green markings.

The figure seemed to be fixated on the stone, so Nameless skulked her way inside.

The party waited to see what would happen.

As Nameless turned around, she realized that dangling above the door was a large cage made out of some sort of energy. Inside was a black mist which seemed oh so familiar to her.

After signaling to the group that something was above the door, she crept up to the figure and held a blade to his neck.

Rather than pleading for mercy, the figure threatened that he was worth more alive than dead. He also mentioned that if he was killed, “Dorin would kill (them).”

None of this interested Nameless, who had Rio tie the large one up.

Deciding he might be worth some information, and borrowing some “tools” Vidic found in the laboratory basement, Nameless began to torture the man. The others watched, not wanting to interfere.

Allegro began playing his lute in the corner, trying to keep himself calm.

Vidic did the same with his fife, though to “set the mood” instead of keeping calm.

Growing impatient, Nameless cut off the man’s hand. Muffled screams filled the room.

At the sight of this Vidic was unable to handle the situation and began vomiting.

Stolkey picked up the severed hand and inspected it, only to find a ring with a green stone.

While he was determined to find out what power it contained, he was unable to concentrate through the screaming, so he attempted to leave.

However, once he got within close proximity to the energy cage, the ring let off a small chirp. The cage vanished, and falling in front of Stolkey was a large, white and blue spider.

Nameless, decided that enough was enough and plunged her dagger into the man’s neck.

With one last threat, the man warned her that the Black Talon would be after them. Chocking on his own blood, his eyes rolled back as he died.

Staring down the spider, Stolkey readied himself for another fight.

Instead, the spider vanished.

Realizing that there was no combat to be had, the group looked around, deciding what to do next.

Vidic searched the dead man’s corpse to find a wand and a key.

Stolkey tried identifying the ring he found yet again.

Nameless, frustrated, smashed the stone with her dagger, shattering it.

As the stone shattered, three green waves of light pushed the party back, even knocking down some of the party.

When the lights stopped. A loud shattering noise filled the air, as if the air around the building had turned to glass and fell to pieces.

Tired of the distractions, Stolkey tried a third time to identify the ring he’d found.

Vidic watched Stolkey, making sure Stolkey would put yet more effort into his concentration.

The other three decided it was time to leave, and began heading back down the tower.

The three arrived in the statue room once more, realizing that there were yet more stones to try out in the statue’s hand.

The next stone was a symbol of Silvanus (an Oak leaf).

Removing the stone of Leira, the doorway vanished. Placing the stone of Silvanus in the hand caused the end of the staff to glow white, overwhelming the room with light.

Towards the top of the room were two giant eagles. They began flying down in the direction of the party.

Meanwhile, Stolkey had finished his meditation and found that the ring he held was a ring of holding, allowing the wearer to cast hold person once a day.

The two made their way back into the regal bedroom and realized that there still was an unopened chest over by the shrine.

Stolkey attempted to smash it with his hammer, hurting his arms in the process.

Vidic pulled out the key he found on Whethersby, and found that it matched with the chest.

Sure enough, the chest was filled with gold, a satin embroidered handkerchief, a bloodstone pair of dice, an ivory goblet, a wool mask with silver thread, and an opal locket.

The two divided the treasure they found and set off through the hallway.

The others were busy hurling arrows and insults at the giant birds.

Rio was able to use his skill with animals to confuse one of them for a moment.

Allegro created a loud thunderclap, which flattened the other one against the wall.

Startling the other eagle, it went after Allegro and tore into him.

With their friend unconscious in a pool of blood, Rio shouted to Nameless to pull the stone out.

Agreeing, she pulled out the stone of Silvanus, and with another white flash, the eagles were gone.

Believing that Allegro was ok enough to wait on, the two decided to try the next stone.

Placing the stone of Tymora in the statue caused it to flicker with a blue light. At the end of the staff materialized a large, blue, glassy orb which fell to Nameless.

Unsure of what to do, they analyzed it till deciding on smashing it. Rio’s axe landed a solid hit, but the axe shattered, and the orb was unscathed.

Meanwhile, the other two made it to the end of the hallway, where a familiar pile of rubble blocked their path. Rather than turning around, they dug a hole large enough to slip through. By the time they finished, they found themselves in the animal cage room.

Rio and Nameless, fed up with the orb, decided to smash it against the floor.

It bounced and rolled down the staircase to the room below.

Putting the stone of Leira back in, the hallway reappeared.

However, when Nameless searched the room, she found no sign of the others. In fact, the chest in that room was now open and empty.

Trying the next stone, Nameless watched as the stone of Hlal made the statue’s staff shine purple. Suddenly, her face began sprouting feathers into a long, white beard.

Unsatisfied, she began using her dagger to shave the feathers off, only to feel them grow back.

Rio laughed at the scene and tried taking out the stone. Realizing nothing happened, he tried putting the stone back in.

Suddenly he was unable to speak. Instead, pink bubbles began floating out of his mouth.

Nameless tried the stone again, only to find that she was surrounded by three copies of herself.

Stolkey and Vidic watched as a blue, glassy orb rolled out of one of the doorways. Catching it, they realized it came from the statue room. The two began making their way up to see if they’d find the others.

Sure enough, the two were able to find the rest of the group.

However, the scene was nothing they could have predicted.

To Stolkey, they had to be some sort of imposters.

Before a fight could break out, some of the magic faded, allowing Rio to speak and the copies of Nameless to vanish.

Seeing Allegro on the ground in a pool of blood, Stolkey assisted in reviving him.

Nameless began to question the others where the contents of the chest went.

Before Vidic could answer, Stolkey used silence to avoid the confrontation.

Instead, Vidic pulled out the treasures he held and passed them out. He passed the opal locket to Nameless, the mask to Allegro, and the

Trying to explain the situation, Nameless stepped out of the silenced area and told Vidic to try the stone of Hlal.

Upon doing so, he vanished.

The others looked around, confused as to what just happened.

Meanwhile, Vidic found himself in an odd place. He wasn’t near any of his friends, or any other creatures for that matter.

It was like a great, silvery sea, the same above and below, with swirling wisps of White and gray streaking among motes of light looking like distant stars. Yet he stood on a long, winding road that looked neverending.

Vidic began running.

The group waited, hoping Vidic would return. However, there was no sign of him.

After explaining how the stone worked, Nameless saw Vidic materialize just in time to avoid him running into her.

He couldn’t explain where he was, but it was definitely odd.

Tired of this place, the group made their way back down to the basement laboratory.

The door was closed, the barricade was still up, but Matilda was gone.

With no clue as to where she went, other than a few footprints, the group gave up and returned to the ground floor.

Together, a few of them tried the enormous iron doors. With enough strength, they were able to open one of the doors.

The group realized they were in front of Whethersby’s tower.

A large group of people had gathered in front of the doors, being held back by soldiers of the Nyr Cayan army…

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Episode 13

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