Episode 36

Stolkey and Birel still had a voice in their heads calling for them to kill the unknown halflings.

While they tried to resist the demand, they were compelled to follow. They began taking swings at the halfling archer first.

Rather than strike back, she was able to put another amulet around Birel’s neck. At that moment, Birel had the same moment of clarity, with all of the blocked emotions returning to her.

Birel apologized and tried to retrace what had just happened.

Meanwhile, Stolkey continued to strike at the archer.

From out of the woods ran Ice Bear, carrying the lone thief. Lifting it over his head, he told the group that the next person who tries fighting will get this man thrown at them.

Not listening, Stolkey continued to fight – only to have a human thrown at him.

The halfling bard ran up to Stolkey and tried getting him to wear the amulet. It took both of the halflings to get the amulet on, but they managed to do so.

Stolkey had the same moment of clarity, followed by blinding rage. He didn’t trust the two new people, but he was more concerned with Tullian and Camilla.

The group turned the carriage around and prepared to travel back to Leore.

However, Stolkey managed to commune with Dumathoin, learning that they were unlikely to succeed in killing her. They should return when stronger, lest they fall to a similar or worse fate. He also confirmed that if they were to delay, Tullian would be ok.

Instead the group decided to travel to Siel and eventually return to Leore.

The two halflings introduced themselves on the way as Faenen “Fast Fingers” Hosi (the bard) and Devi Tosslebang (the archer). They were sent by Quaranir to sever the bond created by Camilla (at least temporarily) with the amulets he enchanted. They were also sent to assist in their current quest to save Nyr Cay before it would tear itself apart.

It took a day’s travel, but they managed to reach Siel. It’s buildings were taller than some of them had ever seen. The buildings’ windows reflected the daylight, making them shine brightly.

The walls of the city were high, and looked as if they were well maintained compared to the other cities.

Upon approach, the group noticed that there were makeshift barricades and fortifications within the city. NCA soldiers seemed to be everywhere in sight.

The carriage was stopped at the guards’ checkpoint. One of the guards took their helmet off, revealing a woman with slight elvish features with blonde hair.

She identified as Major Corsi of the NCA and told the group that the carriage needed to be searched before they entered the city (to ensure that they weren’t bringing anything into the city to assist the rioters).

Instead, Fae managed to try seducing/convincing Corsi to let them go without searching the wagon.

Embarrassed at Fae’s comments, she sent them into the city quickly.

Just like in the other cities, a raven quickly perched on Stolkey’s shoulder with another message. It said to meet with Euretus Radu at his estate.

Stolkey immediately recognized the name. Euretus had married his mother’s sister, Belena. He hadn’t seen either of them since he was a child, but he knew that they were family – and could be trusted.

They asked another guard where the estate was, and they were pointed to the north-western edge of the city.

The group was allowed entry to the estate, and was escorted into the building.

The estate was as grand as the Van Rhyn estate, and just as dwarvish in construction. However, while the Van Rhyn estate was bustling with people and business, the Radu estate was much quieter and homier.

The group was escorted to Euretus, who soon recognized Stolkey and embraced him.

His wife, Belena, found her way into the chamber and greeted Stolkey (and his friends).

The two explained that though there was a solid presence of the NCA in Siel, the city had been tearing itself apart for almost a month. The poor and lower classes have been rioting and burning down factories in Siel, which will, in turn, affect all of Nyr Cay. They have also been attacking nobles, pulling them out of their homes, and killing them. While Euretus originally called for a non-violent solution, Rukil, Euretus’ youngest, went missing the other day. He believed the rioters kidnapped him, though no one demanded a ransom yet. Euretus no longer cared about preserving the people, now that his family was at stake. His current goal was for the group to find his son, at any cost.

He also explained that Sasha Taggert, a fellow masked elite and cousin of Dorin Brimsley, had also gone missing. He believed the mobs might have kidnapped her as well. While they didn’t have many leads, he recommended looking into her disappearance over at the Grand Inn.

Belena followed up with Rukil’s last known location was at the Northvale School (a school for noble children and what had been thought of as a protected environment). Since his disappearance, the school has closed down temporarily. The group could also check there.

After Euretus asked if they needed anything, Devi asked for a new longbow and ammunition while Ice Bear asked for another glaive and an axe.

Euretus gave Devi a dwarven longbow and a huge quiver filled with well-crafted arrows. He also have Ice Bear a dwarven glaive and battleaxe.

Finally, he granted Stolkey his personal warhammer, which was the one magical weapon he owned.

The group decided to start off at the Grand Inn. As the name suggested, the Inn was incredibly tall. The large doors opened by themselves as the group drew near.

Inside, they could see a large lobby with a bar area to the left and what looked to be a gambling den on the right.

Fae, Devi, Birel, and Gibralter (the surviving thief, now called Greg by the party) went directly to the bar and began ordering drinks.

Stolkey and Ice Bear told the party that they would need to continue working on the task at hand. Instead, they traded Ice Bear to stay with the group and “Greg” would now accompany Stolkey on his search.

Standing out in the lobby, trying to determine his next move, Stolkey’s passive perception allowed him to hear what sounded like an angry mob outside.

It certainly was, as he saw a group of 12 people (of different races and sizes) armed with torches, spears, and pitchforks, heading for the Grand Inn.

Stolkey made his way out towards the mob and held his hand out, demanding to speak with them. However, the mob continued approaching him, looking as if they were going to attack him.

“Greg” asked Stolkey if he wanted to retreat, but Stolkey wasn’t moving. Instead, “Greg” made his way back to the group, letting them know that Stolkey was probably about to die. Hearing this, they snapped into action and raced for the doors.

As the mob began to strike at Stolkey, he used his power of spirit guardians to fend off his attackers, however, it proved to not be quite good enough, as they continued assaulting him.

Devi and Birel ran up to the mob and started attacking the people, trying to rescue Stolkey.

However, they were too late, as the mob had wounded Stolkey bad enough that he’d already dropped to the ground.

Ice Bear ran through the crowd, picked up Stolkey, and ran off with him, back to the Inn.

Fae decided to use her gift from Quaranir that would allow her to instantly use a ritual ward, creating a circle that would harm the group if they were to step outside of the circle it created.

However, it didn’t seem to phase the group, as they continued to approach her, setting off the ward.

Acid splashed the area, coating the people, killing most of them in a horrific puddle of remains and acid.

The three left standing looked horrifying, but they continued to attack, as if they were forced to. However, there wasn’t much left of them, so they were quickly dispatched by the group.

The group agreed that they seemed odd. Particularly, Devi noticed that they looked similar to how Ice Bear, Birel, and Stolkey looked when the halflings found them…

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Episode 36

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